Counter-Strike 1.6 download

IMPORTANT! By downloading this Counter-Strike 1.6 Setup, you are claiming that you own the original Steamed Counter strike 1.6 game and it is just a copy for your personal use.
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Counter strike 1.6 gameplay screenshots

Counter-Strike 1.6 gameplay screenshot (terrorist with glock de_dust2 near ct base attacking Counter-Terrorist) you can DOWNLOAD Counter-Strike 1.6 game absolutely free from our web page. Counter-Strike 1.6 gameplay screenshot number two (terrorist with AK-47 rifle gun) lets download cs from, our cs 1.6 client is free of virus and have max fps (frames per second) who will increase your skill and game quality. Counter-Strike 1.6 gameplay screenshot number three (Counter-Terrorists attacking terrorist and tries to save a plant). Counter-Strike 1.6 download - You can download this game from a direct link or uTorrent, if you want download it from a direct link just click on CS 1.6 DOWNLOAD or COUNTER-STRIKE 1.6 DOWNLOAD button/link. Counter-Strike 1.6 gameplay screenshot number four (Counter-Terrorist killed terrorist with headshot from USP on 1st round). You can download CS 1.6 torrent using uTorrent application, with uTorrent you will get max. download speed and you also can pause/resume cs 1.6 torrent download whenever you want - Just click on Download Counter-Strike 1.6 torrent. button.
Скачать Counter-Strike 1.6 бесплатно, Counter-strike 1.6 herunterladen, Counter-Strike 1.6 scarica, Counter-Strike 1.6 letöltés, Cs 1.6 download, Counter strike 1.6 download

What is CS 1.6 and Counter Strike 1.6 download instruction's

What is Counter Strike 1.6 ? It's first person shooter genre game with multi-player features and many modifications like death-run, CSDM, knife, zombie plague and many others. Cs 1.6 game point is to beat down enemies team - terrorist's (T) or counter-terrorist's (CT). When all members of team is eliminated, then survivors team wins the match and if no one player was killed in winners team, then winners team just gets flawless victory. Counter Strike 1.6 multi-player game is more interesting than single player because you can meet your friend's, do clan fights and many featured stuff.

Counter-Strike 1.6 gameplay style depends on the map type.

De_ (deffuse) type maps for a certain period of time (time is determined by the server on which you play developer or server administration) terrorist team must reach the place where you need plant and activate C4 explosive bomb, and if within the prescribed time the terrorists manages to do it then the police (Counter-Terrorist's) team must defuse the C4 guess or members of a team must kill all of the enemies team members. Terrorist, who successfully plant C4 on A or B plant and C4 successfully explodes, receive 3 personal points of the game, Counter-Terrorist, who successfully defuse C4 receive 3 personal points of the game too.

CS_ type maps policemen (Counter-Terrorist's) team for a certain period of time must to keep up to save the terrorist team held the hostages (come to a place where standing Hostages to access any of the hostages individually, press the E key, and lead all of the hostages to the rescue zone) or members of a team must kill all of the enemies team members. For each of the first touch of the collateral received by a member of the police team game of 150 dollars, also receives a certain amount of dollars for playing a successful hostage salvation.

As_ type maps police team game just randomly select one player who gets VIP status (gets a 100HP, 200 ARMOR and the original gun of police (Counter-Terrorist's) team - a pistol USP (VIP member can't buy other weapons)), all members of the police team must protect their VIP member and help him escape to the rescue zone if the police (Counter-Terrorist's team) fail to do it on a certain period of time or terrorist team member kills the VIP member of the round is over and the terrorists team gets one point.

AIM_, FY_ DM_ type maps and the main objective of the game is simply to kill all of the enemies team members. CS 1.6 game for each member of the enemies team (player) 1 kill granted a personal point of the game.

How to download Counter-Strike 1.6 game?

CS 1.6 Download takes just a few simple step's: navigate to our download panel (upper this post) and choose one of two counter strike 1.6 download button's, then just click on that button and wait for download finish. When download is finished open install file and complete setup (just click next by next, then choose installation directory or leave default installation directory without any change's) . When cs 1.6 will be fully installed launch counter strike 1.6 by double click on shortcut from your desktop and enjoy the gameplay!

CS Setup file component's:
Counter-Strike 1.6 version: CS 1.6 protocol version - 48 (original 48 protocol, full rip from STEAM)
Cstrike.exe version (Non-Steam)
Date of Cstrike.exe build: 16:05:41 Jun 15 2009 (4554)

* Rampage masterserver (Huge NON-Steam server's list.).
* Protection from slowhack action's (Protected from motdfile, motd_write, exec, writecfg and .dll or .exe file's sending from server to player.).

Minimal System req's for gameplay.
* CPU with a clock speed of 800 MHz or higher
* 128 MB of RAM
* 32 MB video card +
* 650 MB of free disk space
* Operating system Windows XP/Vista/7/8
* Mouse, keyboard
* Internet access

Recommended System req's for gameplay.
* CPU with a clock speed of 1200 MHz or higher
* 512 MB of RAM
* 128 MB video card +
* 750 MB of free disk space
* Operating system Windows XP/Vista/7/8
* Mouse, keyboard
* Internet access

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How to download CS 1.6 torrent?

If you are new and still never used uTorrent application probably immediately wondered when and why CS 1.6 or any other file (movies, games, applications, etc.). Better to use uTorrent download rather than a direct link? uTorrent application is most useful in case if your Internet connection is not fast, this amazing application you will be able to suspend and/or resume the download whenever you likely want, these applications also help you download any file at maximum speed (of course if a sufficient amount of file seeder's).

We have already mentioned that in our site you can download the CS 1.6, not only from a direct link, but and using uTorrent application, this article will try to explain more in detail how to do it.

Just follow these simple steps, these instructions will help you download and install uTorrent application and download Counter-Strike 1.6 download using uTorrent application :

1. First of all, download uTorrent application (you can do this by clicking on this link: Download uTorrent ), then choose one of few uTorrent version's (we recommend to download latest stable version) after this click DOWNLOAD TORRENT button, download and install it.
2. Wait until the application will be downloaded (it will only take a moment, because uTorrent application is very "easy").
3. Click on uTorrent.exe application, run it and instal it (just click next by next until you will see finish button, it's super simple!).
4. After download CS 1.6 torrent file (download link is below this text).
5. Open downloaded torrent file.
6. Now you will see uTorrent dialog box, click on OK button and wait until Counter-Strike 1.6 game setup file will be downloaded.
7. Install CS 1.6 and enjoy it!

Download Counter-Strike 1.6 torrent.
Download CS 1.6 maps, sounds, models (skins).
How to download Counter Strike 1.6 map's, model's and sound's?
You can download Counter Strike 1.6 map's, model's and/or game sound's very easy from just click on link, move the computer mouse pointer in the left corner of this page to the top, click on GAMES button and choose CS (Counter-Strike 1.6) button, just click on this button. After this just choose NEW SKINS or NEW MAPS button and click on one of them, after this you will see a huge list of CS 1.6 map's or skin's, enjoy it! If you want download sound's for CS 1.6 game from gamebanana WEB page move the computer mouse pointer in the right of this page to the top, click on Misc button and click on Sounds button, then browse categories section and click on Counter-Strike 1.6 button, it is the center of the page, enjoy it. How to install CS 1.6 map's, model's (skin's) or sound's? Just find Counter-Strike 1.6/cstrike on your hard drive, map's upload to cstrike/maps folder, skin's upload to cstrike/models folder and sound's upload to cstrike/sounds folder, if need to replace old files just click YES TO ALL button on dialog box.